[SPOILER] Imperious Sister Questline (Aigul)

I found this one kinda weird, at one point you head down past the engine room in Aigul and after passing a few different stat tests, you come to where her brother’s regret lies, when you take the regret, you get an option to grow the regret into a spine, but then once you do that you get an option to share it with the First Mate that states &quotSharing the spine would relinquish one means of delivering the regret to the Sister, but there are other ways.&quot

But after the First Mate consumes it, the &quotAigul: Commissioned to Retrieve a Regret&quot Quality doesn’t change and you still can go to Hunter’s Keep to meet the Imperious Sister and complete the action &quotDeliver her Brother’s regret, in Needle form&quot which doesn’t really make sense as you let him consume the needle.

Is this an oversight or is it meant to be like this?

That seems like a bug. IIRC consuming the needle is supposed to require that you find a way to deliver it in dreams instead.