[Spoiler]Cards titled REUSE?

I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch and I’m on my way to the Ministry of Public Decency to report my findings.

But out of curiosity,
Are any other fellow Londoners also drawing out cards titled REUSE from their opportunity deck?
They are blank cards, but some seem to have affects, the only one I encountered so far gains wounds and nightmare.
I’m inclined to think they are hibernating cards from the SMEN myth I’ve heard so much about, since one of the cards specifically mention bad things happen to those seeking the name.

The mysteries and temptations of unworded choices! I’m pretty sure I can’t stop myself from clicking these, even if it means I’ll probably die from some incident so horrid that words failed to describe it.

[collapse=Update: Okay so it is a SMEN glitch. ]

edited by Inalynne on 6/8/2016

I had an opportunity turn up in my Storylets with the same title. Using it gave me 1 of a quality called Agendum Minutia (see Heb’s profile) has anyone else got this?

It appeared briefly for me, but just wasted an action when I used the storylet.

Had it turn up in the Shuttered Palace. Fallen London Bug - Album on Imgur

EDIT: Aaand… It’s gone now.
edited by Halewood on 6/8/2016

I clicked on it too!, Twice!!! I have agendum minutia 2!

Edit: &quotYou are learning the secrets of a strange library&quot is what the quality says. Maybe we yoinked a quality from the next Exceptional Story?
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Bah, used the Lodgings version and got no special shiny quality. Not my best use of a coffee ever!

It seems to use the Exceptional Friends storylet slot, or at least it did for me. Appeared all over London, replacing the E.F. story gateway. I clicked on it for amusement and got nothing. No idea how the Opp Deck is related.

I clicked on it once and got Agendum, clicked on it another time and got nothing.
Note that it was a Storylet, not a card. So weird.
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It didn’t appear to replace the E.F. story gateway for me and only appeared in the Forgotten Quarter. I agree it’s probably a glitch.

One assumes the Gremlins at FBG are burning the midnight oil, unless Alexis has stopped back in for a bit.