Where is the absolute best location to offload Sphinxstone?

I got lucky with my Salt Lions; this time they’re located nearby (if Fallen London were 0,0 they’d be 3,-1).

Is it better to accept the offer to other places? I’ve got the Caligo-Class Merchant Cruiser so holdspace is not an issue.

Better in what sense?
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[quote=Fretling]Better in what sense?
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Payment-wise. Currently I’m running sphinxstone just to survive - I upgraded to this ship and immediately got 30 crew and had almost no money, and I didn’t realize how hunger worked with crew numbers. So every run is a mad dash to get enough supplies to not die horribly and not get enough terror to have my crew mutiny.

I’ve reached the point where a certain character has appeared in place of the usual informant; can I deny them and continue transporting just to London?
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No. Now that that’s happened, you can do one further transport that will be worth a big chunk of cash, and ends the storyline.

Even so, there’s a lot you can do with pure shipping, if that’s your interest.

[spoiler]Taking it to Geode for her will give ok cash and some items, an element of dawn among them if I remember correctly. Taking them to Adam’s Way for the guy that shows up after her pays 50/unit and only gives cash(as of yesterday anyway).
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Welcome to your beautiful new Caligo-class Merchant Cruiser! As an avid merchant, I heartily endorse your choice of vessel. :D

Some tips for zailing her:

30 Crew is too many. I usually run 18-20. Enough to stay above the 50% threshold if something goes bad, but only consuming 60% of the food!

I have a thread up talking about my merchantile ways: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic10013-sunless-sea--as-a-merchant.aspx

If you are planning to offload Sphinxstone at the Adam’s Way location, I would recommend taking the money you just made, sinking it into Darkdrop Coffee and doing the Adam’s Way - Irem trade route.

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