Sphinxstone Woes

So, I’m having some issues with getting rid of my last batch of Sphinxstone. I got the offer to sell it to the Bright Future or whatever, but reneged and agreed to take it to Adam’s Way for the other guy instead. However, I can’t go up the little river because, well, it boils my boat, and I heard someone say that you take it to Apis Crest or whatever it’s name is right beside it? But they didn’t want it. I’ve tried to take it to Grand Geode like the lady wanted but they don’t want it either. I can’t even dump the stuff overboard, it just comes up that I can’t sell this on the London market. The stone itself still says that someone is waiting to buy it in London, but no one in London wants it either.

I’m playing as a Natural Philosopher, since I’ve heard that can make a difference. Seriously though, I just want this gone, can anyone please help me?

You should be able to dump it the same way as you dump any other cargo – there’s a button on the top right of the Hold tab.

Wait to see if someone can give you less destructive advice, though.

From what I remember, you have to take it to the port at Adam’s Way (the one by the mouth of that river) for the Admiralty and not upriver itself. You need to have Recent News or a port report from the Iron Republic (or an Unread Log?) to enter the settlement proper though I believe. Maybe that’s the problem. It probably can’t be dumped overboard because it’s technically a quest item. Hope that helps.
edited by Notjimsmith on 2/17/2015

Nah, others have gotten stuck on their final Sphinxstone delivery and just dumped it; only passengers can’t be dumped.

Recent News is probably the easiest to get.

Like Notjimsmith said, bring Recent News, a Port Report: Mt. Palmerston, or an Unread Log (rare item that I think sells well to the Scholar, so not the best choice) in order to open up access to Apis Meet. That’s where you drop it off. Same with grabbing a Port Report for Apis Meet. Everything useful (except the shops) is locked behind behind those first three options.
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I managed to get in and finally make that delivery with the news. Thank you so much! I feel just a little silly. :)