Sphinxstone nullified after ten runs?

Interesting, following the last update, something seems to have changed

Specifically, you can’t drop off sphinxstone in london anymore until you have a key of mouths…or something else, leaving you with a cargo load full of sphinxstone that you can’t drop (Well, you can, but it’s dead loss)

Anyone encountered this?
edited by Rocket Heeled Jack on 12/10/2014

Yeah, I just encountered this too last night! But as you note, it looks like there’s a new story coming afterwards.

Just dump it and get your 200e back by editing the save vile. That’s what I am going to do.

Oh damn. Well that saves me a trip out that way, I guess, I was going to do a couple of trips since my fuel costs have gone up with my new engine.

I’ve put it on a save and started again to see if anything new kicks in when you’ve started it after the last update, will let you know.