Sphinxstone not sellable?

Perhaps I’m missing something obvious, but I finally managed to scrape together 200 echoes and went to buy some sphinxstone. But, on my return to London, there’s no option to sell it. The shops don’t have it, and there’s nothing in London allowing me to do it.
Is it a bug (and is it fixable?)

Thank you in advance

Please ignore this. I reloaded, and it’s fixed. (sorry)
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Have you clicked on the &quotLondon&quot tab itself [the tab where you hire on new zailors and carouse Wolfsdale
docks]? That’s where the option to sell it should be. If it’s not there, I don’t know what’s up\

Edit: Reloading is always a good option when things don’t seem to be working quite right ;p
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Well, it’s not in any of the stores, that’s correct. I think there should be a storylet available in London - like, the same screen where the &quotcarouse…&quot storylet shows up? If not, maybe try leaving port, waiting until you get &quotsomething awaits you&quot, and them dock at London again, it MIGHT be dependent on that.

Edit: Oops, spoke too soon (and yet also too late!) :)
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Thank you both for the speed reply, and again apologies for not reloading first.