Sphinx Stone Endings

All right, I’ve found two endings to the sphinx stone stories. The first is where you take the stones to grand geode. The second is where you take them to the Chelonate. Neither of these is the one which gives you the Lecacy thing. So, I must therefore take them somewhere else. Do you think I should take them back to the Lions? Or maybe to Port Cecil, because of the connection to the principled competition quest? Or should I ship them to whither, where salt has his temple? What do you guys think?

I’ve heard that the remaining endings are unlocked by the varying backgrounds your captain can have. Certainly, I got different outcomes as a veteran and as a poet. I’m just speculating here, but I imagine if one got that far through the game with no background at all, something interesting might happen.

…I really hope that isn’t the way to do it…

Apparently it is, I brought my Sphinxstones to numerous ports around the Zee with my Poet Captain, from Wither in the North all the way to Port Cecil and Irem in the East and down to Adam’s Cape on the Elder Continent, and there was just the two options given to you at London. No single character can get all 7 options, just the two available to each of the five main backgrounds and the easter egg for the Captain without a background.

Kind of disappointed as the description seemingly implied that every captain had 6 choices opened to them to complete the Salt Lions quest but oh well. Just wished that the ending rewards for the &quotgood&quot choice were more unique than echoes + stats.
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Just out of curiosity, how do you get the other legacy stat increasers?

Like the Horizon Codex for Pages? Don’t think those are available yet.
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As far as I know, only the Horizon Codex is available yet. I have found two ways to get it: Finish the Merchant Venturer’s quest and go with him (ending your game) or raising Supremacy: The Dawn Machine to 7. I recommend the former, since the latter locks you out of the unique Merchant Venturere’s ending.

As it turns out, that is the way to do it.

Can confirm that the way to get the Easter Egg legacy is as a Shadowed Stranger.

Now I need to work out how to get a past, I can give myself a name and face but can’t choose a background or ambition. Has anybody got any ideas or is it bugged?

Hey folks, I am running into the following problem. Any suggestions?

[Possible spoilers]

I brought back 20 sphinxstone to London in a trip and was given the choice between supporting the Dawn Machine or the other choice (not sure of this but it was to be delivered to a church). After choosing Dawn Machine and then reneging on them, I did not save the game and quit to my previous save at Cumean Canal. The Sphinxstone was still in my hold and when I returned to London, it was gone.
After a few more hours of gameplay when I was not allowed to pick any more stone up at the Salt Lions, I got the Nacreal Outcast and took him to the SL. After attempting his questline, I was again given the choice to ferry sphinxstone to London and bought 2x20 of it. After returning to London, there is no place to get rid of it. What should I do with the stone occupying my hold?
Thanks for the help!

[quote=CaptainClaw]What should I do with the stone occupying my hold?
Thanks for the help![/quote]

Ran into a similar problem myself. At this point I’d be willing to just throw it overboard if need be as I really would prefer to have the space back in my hold but I’m not aware of a way to do that.

I ended up loading an earlier save from before I picked up the stone, no way I could see to get rid of it unless you were able to pick up things (Blemmingans and supplies and so forth) that countermanded the normal supply cap

Go into your hold tab - in the top right corner is a little arrow thing; click and you should be able to dump anything you want out of your hold … except passengers:)

Thank you so much Lady Ciel! Hauling around all that stone was driving me crazy!

Which you have to fire overboard using a ratsender? :D

Thanks Lady Ciel! Is the Sphinxstone quest over for me then? I can toss it over but I did not get any rewards for bringing the first load to the Church (fallen priest background).

I would send in a bug report. Obviously something went wrong for you and hopefully Failbetter can sort it out.