Spending Secrets?

What the hell are they and how can I get more?

You can get Spending Secrets 1 by starting the Numismatrix story, either by Opportunity Card or via the Local Gossip in your Lodgings. (I gather the House of Chimes also provides those sorts of possibilities, but not being Exceptional I can’t say for sure.) Doing so starts a timer, and I don’t think anyone’s hit it yet, so nobody knows what happens beyond that.

So i just had a return visit from the numismatrix. our meeting gave me some items, an amazingly well written piece of story, some insight into the nature of echoes and 1st city coins, and i now have Spending Secrets 3

Does the stat go down when you use it?

More importantly, does the storyline continue past that point?

havent found a way for the storyline to continue past that point yet. and frustratingly, none of the Spending Secret cards have come up for me since i got the stat so i still dont know if it goes up or down.

The text is some of the best I’ve read in a long time. you can read It in my journal here if you cant wait Fallen London

If you just want to know the basics though, here are some delicious spoilers:

Echoes - [[color=#ffffff]are reflections of the first currency the bazaar used before it ever bought cities. The Masters won’t touch this currency, and even the Numismatrix has never seen any of it[/color]]
1st City Coins - [[color=#ffffff]aren’t from the first city, they’re less than 30 years old. but they represent an ancient power that the Masters keep locked up in a vault[/color]]

So I just did an action that required Spending Secrets. It stays the same, but it caused Counting the Days to go up. . . Interesting.

any spoilers on what it was?

After the message from Numismatrix my Spending Secrets quality is 3. While all related action I’ve seen require the value of 4. Am I missing some piece of Numismatrix storyline?

The numismatrix storyline is barely started and isn’t all released yet; I’m pretty sure we’re all missing some pieces of it so far.