Spending Secrets, Counting the Days, Loose Change

Can someone explain to me what’s up with the story behind Counting the Days and Pocketfuls of Loose Change?

I get how the carousel works mechanically. Random options on different cards raise Counting the Days and Pocketfuls of Loose Change. But what it all represents in-game I really don’t get. It feels like the actions that raise those things are pretty much unconnected and I don’t get why they lead to the Numismatix giving me a mark of credit.

Can anyone clarify what’s going on there?


Pocketfuls of Loose Change are a simplification of all the other currencies you may own that aren’t items on their own because they are only mentioned once or twice. Most actions that give them involve you either learning about or gathering them, however you can. Secrets and Spending is your payday after working for the Numismatrix and your Closest To faction, where you may grab a reward from the former or bring your findings (Marks of Credit) to the latter.

All of this is my personal interpretation from a relatively minimal amount of text.