Spending Fate for the Wry Functionary

I know it’s Fate-locked, but there is precedent for allowing recommendations. After waffling back and forth, I finally decided to do the 15-Fate option for “Visit the Wry Functionary” on the “A Visit” card.[li]

It is incredibly good. I don’t see it discussed much around here, but I highly recommend it. Sure, it tells you upfront that there isn’t much reward to gain, but it leads to a deceptively large amount of writing and even multiple stories beyond the initial conversation. In the end, after all, isn’t that really what we’re here for? The stories?

At 45 Fate, this would be worth doing. At 15 Fate, it should be a priority for anyone willing to spend it.

If I’m remembering right, at least some of those conversations were once available without Fate. I’m not sure if anything was added when it was made Fate-locked.

I found myself rather upset that I was a single CP of Connected:Masters away from a particular revelation with no way to repeat it, but outside of that I was quite happy with the content.

Might I ask whether there are any pre-requisite I should make sure to gather (such as the aforementioned Masters connected) before embarking on this?

Like the lack of significant rewards (I recall gaining a couple smaller items like zee-stories) there’s no significant unlocks I can recall. Of course, I did this content close to a year ago and didn’t even remember the C: Masters unlock, so take that with a grain of salt.

If it’s to much of a spoiler I’ll be interested in this as well via PM.

Now that we know a masters connection is required, I don’t think disclosing the minimum level required would be a problem.

Now that we know a masters connection is required, I don’t think disclosing the minimum level required would be a problem.

Unfortunately, I noted it down as a plan, but all my dozens of plans were erased when I started using the mobile app. I remember it was quite high, I might even guess 10? And it also required a significant amount of SotC. If anyone has hit that content, I’d love to see what it is.

Or if Failbetter is reading this, add an option to replay please!

An option to replay the conversations is something I’d like as well.

I just played through this storyline. I chose the option to visit the Functionary’s mother, and when I did, it took me out of the conversation with the Functionary, and after talking to his mother, there was no apparent way to continue the conversation. There was no indication in the option to visit his mother that I would no longer be able to continue talking to the Functionary afterwards, and there were certain branches in the conversation that I haven’t played yet. Is there any way to continue the story after you’ve met with his mother? The only possibility I can think of is that there might be an option on the Visit card to continue it.

Edit: I just drew the A Visit card, and there is an option on it to continue the conversation. I was worried for a little while there.
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You can continue to talk with him when you draw “A visit” again. All shall be well…

Wow, I did not expect such a quick reply on a 2 year-old thread. Thank you.
…and all manner of things shall be well.

Just chiming in to say that this was, indeed, a huge amount of story, and most of it cost no actions at all. Loved it.