Speculation on the identity of the Lord of Blood.


The Yearning Custodian was the first winner of the Marvelous. In your conversation with the gentleman, he explains that the idea of the game came about after speaking to one of the &quotLords&quot, specifically the Lord of Blood. We can presume he meant one of the Masters of the Bazaar, but which Master, in particular, is the real question.

The Masters are named based on what commerce they oversee, and their names change based on the city they are presiding over. If we take the full list of Masters, their associated commerce, and side activities, we can at least narrow down the possibilities.

Mr Apples / Mr Hearts: Oversees the sales and production of food. Has some interest in the animal husbandry of the Labyrinth of Tigers.
Mr Cups / Mr Mirrors: Oversees the sale in clay-based products, and strange but fine curiosities. Is responsible for the deaths in Ambition: Nemesis
Mr Fires: Oversees the sale of coal, gas, and candles. It also oversees the Orphanage in Ambition: Light Finger.

Mr Irons: Oversees the sales of tools, engines, weapons, and printing presses. Also oversees the games of Knife-and-Candle
Mr Pages: Oversees the sales of all printed word. The seventh player of Marvelous
Mr Spices: Oversees the sales of honey, spices, and honey. Is the one Responsible for the creation of Jack-O-Smiles.
Mr Stones: Oversees the sales of precious gems. One of the Masters responsible for the Affair of the Box
Mr Veils: Oversees the sales of textiles: Also is the Vake.
Mr Wines: Oversees the sales of wine. The highest tier Wines item is a Vial of Master’s Blood as pointed out by the Honeyaddict below.
M̶r̶ ̶E̶a̶t̶e̶n̶:̶ Best not to talk about that one, or seek his name.

Given these possibilities, I believe that the Lord of Blood is Mr Irons. I believe that Blood refers to blood spilled, and what better way to spill blood than with weapons, and also a game of murder tag.

Reasons why not for the other masters?
Mr Apples / Mr Hearts: This is actually my second best guess. You do have to play cards with him in order to win a Yacht, and blood could refer to animal blood because he does sell meats.
Mr Cups / Mr Mirrors: Doesn’t sell anything dangerous, and didn’t start his murder spree until recently.
Mr Fires: Doesn’t traffic in anything dangerous, though his orphanage could be better operated.
Mr Pages: Plays the game, but based on his dialogue I don’t think he created it.
Mr Spices: Doesn’t traffic anything related to blood. Jack is a recent invention
Mr Veils: Doesn’t traffic anything related to blood. The Vake is supposed to be his secret. It wouldn’t do to just announce it to the rest of the world via a title…
Mr Wines: The Vial of Master’s Blood is a good tie to the title.

But what do think?
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like this; regardless Mr. Wines handles in one blood-related item, look at the highest tier Wine item available Master’s Blood. And look at a unique item from Mr. Wines… The Scepter of Mr. Wines. It signifies him as royalty or a Lord.

Thanks for pointing out the correct spoiler tag. I was trying to use HTML for the longest time.

But onto the speculation

The Master’s Blood is really good evidence for Mr Wines. I don’t believe the scepter is though. The title &quotLord&quot was what the Masters used during the FIrst City as evidenced by the following.

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I hear that today’s Heart’s Desire conclusion revealed the Lord of Blood is Mr Hearts.