Speaking Engagements

Here’s to hoping this isn’t a silly question, but are there any prerequisites to unlocking the Speaking Engagements Opportunity card other than being a Person of Some Importance? I don’t have a club, I’ve received Opportunities for the other clubs and have followed them through to the Bazaar Sidestreets (clay sedans are so fetch), and I believed I turned down That most expensive of Envelopes once looooong ago.

… Or perhaps I’ve just been rather unlucky with probability and just need more patience.

No other prerequisites. Hopefully the RNG gives it to you soon! It’s only Standard Frequency, so that might explain why you haven’t seen it.

There is only one other club, The Young Stags. Things like God’s Editors are affiliations. The distinction is important because while you cannot be a member of both clubs at once, you can have as many affiliations as you want and it won’t keep you from becoming a member of the Parthenum.