Souvenir's from the Surface for Varchas?

Hey there. Varchas has been added to the recent release, and I really took to it. Kind of surprised me though, that as a captain who can potentially return to the surface, there are no opportunities to bring something back from there to the Sun loving people of the mirrored city. I kept reading through the wonderfully evocative descriptions (top work, Meg Jayanth!) and I couldn’t help but wonder how the denizens of Varchas would react if someone were to bring to them something from above that also celebrates the light, similar to the famous painting The Fighting Temeraire.

Just wanted to share this musing, I suppose. Cheers!
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I suspect that unless you could prove to them that you had transported it across the Zee without darkness ever touching it they would want nothing to do with it.

It’s still an interesting point. Sunless Sea is about finding lucrative opportunities in unusual circumstances – having a cat on board during a rat-raid, showing a curiosity to the right patron, finding a buyer for an unusual commodity, etc. – and this is a really clever realization of such an opportunity by the OP. I remember seeing a (currently locked) storylet on the surface for trading Darkdrop Coffee beans – who would have ever thought of that? – and a similar locked option in Varchas for something from the surface would be in a similar vein.

In fact, I’d love to see more of these less predictable opportunities as the game progresses. So far it’s been one of the most exciting storylets to see for the first time in ports.
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Any chance anyone has tips on finding Varchas, or what the region of sea around it is called? I’ve got a lot of unfinished islands on my map from the Steel release, and the prospect of scouring the entire map for an hour or two seems a bit daunting.[li]

(Also, &quotMemory of the Surface&quot seems like a decent candidate)
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Varchas isn’t an island; it’s on the coasts of the Elder Continent to the South, so it should always probably spawn in the same place every time.

Ah. “Elder Continent” is good enough (although I was expecting something more Carnelian than Parabolan for that area). Thanks!