Sources for Rostygold?

I’ve been trying to grind rostygold to improve my criminal reputation for a Gang of Hoodlums.

Unfortunately, I just failed &quotWade into the Ring Fights&quot in Watchmaker’s Hill four times in a row, and then when I finally succeeded I only got 267 Rostygold. Which… #%@!$ #%@#^[li]

Can anyone suggest some alternatives for me, appropriate for Dangerous ~125?


Wading into the Ring Fights is the most efficient option, giving 110/action. Otherwise, you can find work as an enforcer/rat-catcher, and get 1000 or so per week. I also have to recommend Dueling with the Black Ribbon; arrange fights outside the Black Ribbon, for 20 rostygold per victory, then fight a duel to the death for 1000 more. Otherwise, look over these options for something you like.

Perhaps you could acquire Rats on a String to turn in to the Department of Menace Eradication for 1.1 x the number of rats in Rostygold?

Yep. Dueling and rat-catching are my picks.

Thanks for the advice!

I actually am an enforcer, mostly for the Use of Villains I get each week - I’d forgotten all about the Rostygold!

I’m going to steer clear of the Ring Fights until it goes from a chancy challenge to a modest one, so in the meantime I’ll try my hand at duelling with the Black Ribbon and grab some rats to turn in.

edited by Lady Godiva on 4/9/2014

The turn-in for rats to Rostygold takes 5 actions, so it’s best if you build up a very large bounty before claiming it, or you lower your payout significantly due to the extra opportunity cost.

It’s pretty great, though, if you have a really substantial sum. Isn’t the payout 11 Rostygold for every 10 rats? So, with a massive haul of rats, you can turn a nifty profit for 5 actions.

Let’s say that a decent payout would be 1.50 Echoes per Action just for turning in those rats. Then one would have to turn in 5 x 150 x 10 = 7500 Rats on a String. If one has already opened the route to the Labyrinth of Tigers and have no other use for the rats, and just want the Rostygold as quickly as possible even at the expense of other resources, then 682 Rats on a String should be enough to get 750 Rostygold for those 5 Actions. Which would be a faster way to get Rostygold than many other ways, but only for those 5 Actions, as then one would be out of Rats on a String.