Source for Rostygold

Is there a good repeatable/storylet source for this, unfinished business has a tendency of failing on me, and wasting five actions and i think the most it’s given me is about 500, and usually less, which makes it seem like I could probably find something better.

The only other option I’m aware of off the top of my head is dueling the black ribbon, but my suspicion is that’s not particularly profitable either since it’s a relatively low level storyline.

Duelling the Black Ribbon is profitable if you combine it with the Big Rat storyline (Advertise a spot of hunting), and if you can either get rid of Scandal or were going to visit the Tomb-Colonies anyway (perhaps to get a Tomb-Lion). I get most of my Rostygold from the Constables when I point out book-stealing Rubbery Men. Then I get burned at the Carnival to make up for that. Oh, and if you can still do the University investigations you could search for caches of Rostygold in the Flit instead of raiding message-drops.

personally i found that my dangerous jobs(for my main and alt) provided me with more than enough rostygold.

but if you want something that doesn’t require waiting, you could hunt rats at the watchmaker’s hill(or steal them from spite?), then convert the rats to rostygold. there is no limit to the number of rats you can convert at one go, so the more rats the better! but the conversion ccost 5 actions, so it’s probably best that you convert about 10 000 rats at a time AT LEAST, for the echos per action to be quite profitable.

however the most optimal way to get rats is to max out your dangerous, get the rat-catcher job(25 connected with the docks), THEN go hunt rats at watchmaker’s . without the ratcatcher job, my 250+ dangerous character could catch 114 rats per action.
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I’m a glasswoman so I have little interest in dropping down to a lower tier profession that would pay rostygold, unfortunately.

Stealing rats in spite averages ~105 rats per action so I think that sounds like the most effective route I’ve seen so far (well besides farming the Hunt Is On in the third coil and using it to catch a snuffer, but I don’t actually need THAT much rostygold and I’m in past the third coil so that doesn’t work.)