Sound Design and audio in general

Hi guys,
I just started playing Sunless Sea and I really enjoy it so far, although it feels a bit ‘sluggish’ at some points, but this is maybe due to my lack of zailor abilities.:)

One thing that I noticed right from the first few minutes into the game, there could be a greater portion of sound involved.
There are a few accents here and there, but since this game lives by it’s atmosphere, it lacks of sound.
Thus making the game a slightly ‘plastic’ experience while sailing through the dark sea.

one question, is this all that is planned for the game audio or do you still work on the sounds too?
Since this is my first early access game I’m playing, go easy on me, if I brought up the wrong topic ;)



Progress map - here
says that music is at 80% and sound at 50% so they are not finished and there will be changes.

edit to say welcome to Sunless Sea and there are no wrong topics (unless they are spam!) Ask as many questions as you want I’m sure somebody will come along and say something:)
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Oh great, this sounds (haha) fantastic!
Looking forward to the next updates.
Thank you.