Sorry for seemingly spamming posts, but I am so curious! Is soullessness a decision I should make? I am getting close to the point at which I may have to decide to sell my soul. Should I do it? I am sure the rewards are great, but it IS my soul.

It’s a little tedious to get it back, but there aren’t many consequences for it, especially at your stage in the game. I would suggest putting it off until you reach the University, though. Summerset doesn’t like soulless people, and if you lose your soul before playing their content you’ll only see one side of the content rather than both.

After you’ve done all you want to do with the first part of the University content you can enter the second part of it, and there you’ll find an option that bestows a Bundle of Oddites as a reward. Keep playing that and you should eventually roll the right value to get your soul back without spending Fate.

Souls are a lot easier to get back than they used to be.
You used to have to spend Fate, but now you can get it back with a Surprise Package.
From what I’ve heard, you get it back after just a few.
A lot of people sell their souls as often as they can, as it’s pretty profitable in terms of Echoes per Action as long as you’ve got a pretty steady source of Surprise Packages.

I have heard that the easiest source of the correct value bundle to retrieve your soul is from the Fisher Kings in the Flit. So I would wait until you have access to the Flit before selling it and build up some connected Urchins.

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]… but now you can get it back with a Surprise Package.
From what I’ve heard, you get it back after just a few.[/quote]‘Just a few’ sounds very lucky, considering that the result that gives back your soul is one number among a thousand. Surprise Packages are therefore the worst of the Bundles of Oddities for soulfishing. If the numbers don’t lie you are just as likely to get a Blemmigan Secretary as you are getting your soul back, and people have gotten those too. But many, many others have not.