Souless on Flute Street?

I’ve got my soul, and I’m down here now, but I’m seeing a few choices that hint that things could be otherwise.

I’ve no intention to let my soul be taken (again) any time soon (Due to changes in difficulty in reversing the process) so I am not going to find out in game.

Could somebody toss me a touch of what that other content is?

I won’t be replying to say thank you soon though, I want to read all the other content, and it’s … slow. Almost 3 hours to collect enough &quottime passing&quot for just one of the results… Looks like it could be a week before I’ve done it all…

Oh, and wasn’t this supposed to unlock &quotrubbery murders&quot ?

None of the options will make you lose your soul, so no worries about that. The Rubbery Murders is a completely separate story available on the Fate tab.

I’m not worried about the loss of my soul, it’s just that I don’t intend to give it up any time soon, and until I do then I can’t see what the options that require NOT having one, give.

… and I’m more then a little curious.

I figure one of the dedicated souless has been there before me, and maybe echo’d to the journal, or it’s been saved somewhere… I hope.

I do understand as it IS fate it can’t be said up front.

Ah, okay. Best of luck in finding someone to share that information! None of my accounts are soulless, so unfortunately I can’t help there.

I’m currently soulless with access to Flute Street, I’m fairly sure there’s nothing down there that’s unlocked with a contract. Let me check.

I do remember a single option on a card along the trip to Flute Street that has an option for the soulless.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 9/21/2015

I’m halfway through Flute Street, and there’s nothing. I can try finding the card… when I finish this round and head back in, I guess.

There’s also “the natives” or at least that has an option locked by not having a soul (one of the ones at full ‘time’)

I’m an idiot. I have a doc that has all of Flute Street in it. I have this text.

IN Flute street, there’s nothing unlocked by not having your soul. There’s something that’s LOCKED if you don’t have your soul however. Will update on the card when I get it.

Update: I’ve found the card in question, there is an option that unlocks if you have your very own infernal contract. I’ve echoed it. There’s very little text to accompy it though. PM me if you want more details.

That is good to know because I avoided a certain conversation to be on the safe sidee.

Thank you, I’m always curious about the other bits here and there.