Soul: Sell or Keep

I’ve increased my Intimate of Devils to 15. It seems it can not go further without selling my soul. Being a Shepard of Souls, I’m disinclined to do this, but if it’s recoverable, and will lead to some good stories, then I might consider it.
Then again, is it really useless to build up your Intimate of Devils without eventually selling your soul? I was hoping there’d be an option to further the story without doing it.

Well, you could just utterly ruin it. If you follow the painful process of &quotSeeking the Name&quot, you will be presented with the need to utterly disfigure your soul to the point where the devil you are with will wretch. Otherwise I don’t think being an intimate with a devil or seeking the name are worth it, especially to a Seeker of Souls.

Keep you soul, there are many like it but that one is yours.

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Intimate with devils is the story about how you lose your soul. The only choice is to not play it, a choice I’m pleased to have done.

It can be recovered, but only using fate/nex. If you do end up “Seeking The Name”, then you’ll find it’s impossible to advance at a certain point without a soul, so other than the items you get (nothing rare), it doesn’t really gain you anything.

I’ve sold my soul about 6 times, recovered it every time except the last. I don’t have one right now, but that’s because I’m hoping a specific card will show up and I’ll be able to replay that storylet.

If you do sell your soul, you get an opportunity card with the Capering Reckler has a gift for you, if you select the “I only put it down for a moment”, you get 300 souls…

The PoSI reward is better at 24 visions of the surface or so.

Possibly, but I am in the process of grinding them so I can get an Overgoat and the Fence I use gives me 50% more than what I can get at the market, so at 300 it becomes very profitable.[/li][li]
[/li][li]EDIT… okay, so the money adds up better for the Visions. [/li][li]
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