Soul Collections

So, I have a goal to get the largest soul collection in London. I’m currently working towards 777 queer souls, and I want to finish with 777 coruscating souls.
What is the best way to get portfolios of souls? Or silent souls?

And are there any fate locked stories that would help me get souls? Becoming a Spirifer just helps you sell souls…

I’m posting from mobile, so I’m not sure if this is even the right area to post this?

Portfolios of souls have to be purchased I believe. While some Fate storylines give unusual souls as stated, most are one-time deals. The only one I recall otherwise is becoming a spirifer, which opens a couple options to gain larger amounts of souls like on the Royal Beth lodgings cards.

I thought there was at least one profession that gives a portfilo?

It used to be way back when, that those collected all four Theological Husbandry beasties, the unconverted ones, you could ‘Sabotage the process, for the benefit of devils’ and get Portfolio of Souls, but no longer.

There’s rare successes on this card that give Portfolios:

The rare success on that seems to be really rare though, I’ve been doing that card every time I can for the last two years and I still haven’t gotten a Portfolio.

Wait, what happens when you sabotage the process now? I haven’t tried it in a long time, because I have too much connected church.

Brass Rings, Nevercold Brass, and 100cp of Connected: Hell. It also sets your Church to 0, soooo, know that.

Haha it’s pretty fun though, the Bishop screams in your face:

‘What have you done?!’ screams the Bishop

There’s a rare chance to gain Portfolio if descending beneath the Carnival on an infrequent opportunity card.