Soul Cards

I’m in the midst of thinning out my opportunity deck. I’m considering selling my soul just to get rid of those pesky devil opportunity cards (I don’t feel like tanking all my connected hell.) My question is will there be another annoying opportunity card which appears after I sell my soul?

Yes, but its half as common, so it’s a net win. Plus once you get your soul back the only one that comes back is the fate locked city-vices one. (Assuming you lost your soul through the serious offer card)
edited by suinicide on 6/7/2016

I don’t know the percentages, but the Opportunity cards &quotCity Vices: what profit?&quot and &quotWhere’s my soul?&quot both appear with Unusual frequency. (Unless that’s changed since I last took screenshots, of course.)

Which ‘pesky devil opportunity cards’ are you referring to specifically, IgnatuStone?

I assume suinicide means “Where’s my soul?” is half as common as the various Intimate of Devils cards.

Yes, thank you for clarifying my mess.