Sorting out Exceptional Stories

I have a number of Exceptional Stories to complete, 12, going back a year to last October’s Discernment. I started all of them (and proceeded through Discernment a fair amount), so I have a lot of gold-bordered storylets in virtually every part of London.

However, some of the stories are in specific locations. I know I continue Discernment through the storylet in Ladybones Road, but I’m confused as to most of them. I will also have to find the discussion topics for all after Discernment, as I often feel I need to know more to make my final choices in each story arc.

Anyone have any source of information to sort all these Exceptional Stories out?

Is your question which universal and location-specific storylets correspond to each story? I’m not sure I could tell you what stories had storylets in which locations, but having played all of them I’m fairly confident I could identify the stories of specific storylets if you gave the names.

Jacke, while the search function of the forum is often underwhelming, you can easily find the ES threads by using their title or something like &quotOctober Exceptional Story&quot as search words. :)

Since this might come in handy as the number of ES grows, I’ve tried to compile a quick guide below. If anyone volunteers missing information, I’ll edit that in! :)

[ul][li]May 2015 - The Haunting at the Marsh-House - Watchmakers Hill
[/li][/ul][ul][li]June 2015 - The Court of Cats - the Shuttered Palace
[/li][/ul][ul][li]July 2015 - Lost in Reflections - The Flit
[/li][/ul][ul][li]August 2015 - The Last Dog Society -
[/li][/ul][ul][li]September 2015 - Cut with Moonlight - &quotMeridian House&quot @ Veilgarden
[/li][/ul][ul][li]October 2015 - Discernment - &quotThe Deviless’ Wunderkammer&quot @ Ladybones [/li][/ul]
Heart’s Blood Season:

[ul][li]November 2015 - Flint Part 1 - &quotAn Engagement at the Dish & Spoon&quot @ Spite[/li][/ul][ul][li]December 2015 - Flint Part 2 - Travel to Apis Meet @ Wolfstack [/li][/ul][ul][li]January 2016 - The Art of Murder - &quotPursuing the Phonoi&quot @ Spite, Watchmakers & Lodgings
[/li][/ul][ul][li]February 2016 - The Waltz That Moved That World - &quotThe Account of …&quot @ Ladybones, Veilgarden & Watchmakers[/li][/ul]
Family Ties Season:

[ul][li]March 2016 - The Frequently Deceased - different &quotInvestigating a Governess&quot storylets in almost every location
[/li][/ul][ul][li]April 2016 - The Seven-Day Reign - &quotEnter the Young Stags’ Club&quot @ Ladybones
[/li][/ul][ul][li]May 2016 - The Pentecost Predicament - &quotBack to your acquaintance&quot @ Veilgarden
Season of Revolutions:

[ul][li]June 2016 - Five Minutes to Midday - &quotInvited to a Bomb Plot&quot seems to be available everywhere
[/li][/ul][ul][li]July 2016 - The Chimney Pot Wars - &quotToday’s Headline&quot is visible everywhere; there’s also &quotFinding the Knotted Sock&quot @ Ladybones / &quotthe Regiment Under Siege&quot @ Spite / &quotBack at Headquarters&quot @ Lodgings [/li][/ul][ul][li]August 2016 - The Calendar Code - &quotBurgling a library&quot @ Ladybones, also &quotLibrary Research&quot @ Lodgings, Veilgarden, Spite [/li][/ul]
Season of Wrecks:

  • September 2016 - Where You and I Must Go - &quotNorthward Bound!&quot (everywhere)[/li][/ul][ul][li]October 2016 - Our Lady of Pyres - &quotGo in Search of the Bluejacket’s Mistress&quot (everywhere)[/li][/ul][ul][li]November 2016 - The Final Curtain - &quotThe Bellot&quot @ Watchmakers Hill

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Thanks, phryne, for all the links. I should be able to sort them out with those.