Soothe & Cooper LongBox?

Apparently you can get this in Fallen London and transfer it to Sunless Sea.

Where do you get it in Fallen London, though?

Right now your best choice is to wait for the wicket to open up and buy it there for some taste of lacre.

Thanks for the reply; how do I get more Taste of Lacre? I’m guessing I’ll need a LOT more than I’m getting from weekly digging out my lodgings.

The 12 days of mr sacks story will probably start soon, and that can give a bunch.

You need ToL 6 for one coffin… excuse me, long box.

Also, we have this: ;)
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Does anyone know if there is a cap on Taste of Lacre? My main had a lot (11) that I didn’t use last year, and I’ve been increasing it since this season started.

The unique QLDs go up to 24, as far as I’m aware, and I think I recall people raising it higher still than that.

That suggests that there is not. Plenty of commodities have no cap, but only have unique labels up to a certain point. Thanks. I’ll report back here in case I get ToL past 24.

Getting it from ToL is probably the best way, but I got mine from pursuing my ambition, Heart’s Desire, to its current content boundary.

There’s a free ToL on the advent calendar if you haven’t gotten it already; day 22.