Soothe and Copper Long Box

I’ve managed to acquire a Soothe and Copper long box in Fallen London from the Sackmas activities after hearing that it can transfer to a corresponding Sunless Sea account. Could anyone tell me if there is actually a way to do that>

Yes, in the Wolfstack Docks, under the story menu &quotAspiring Zee-Captains&quot, select the option titled &quotSell a Soothe & Cooper Long-Box&quot. This will give your fallen london account the &quotSunless Sea: A Soothe & Cooper Long-Box Quality&quot. Once you have this quality, open sunless sea and under the title screen options menu go to account management and log into your fallen london account to link the two games. This will give you the same quality in sunless sea and allow all of your future captains to start with one free Soothe & Cooper Long-Box. Side-note, this will remove your Soothe & Cooper Long-box from your fallen london character when you do it.
edited by NiteBrite on 1/23/2016

Thank you!