Something to discuss involving alts.

Hello there delicious friends. Quite recently (a few minutes ago) I wanted to make an alt account to explore the new watchful system and another ambition. Sadly however I would need to use another email to access that account (and I’m too lazy to that). I didn’t quite like that and thought that perhaps the devs could change that to make a better alt system when they aren’t dealing with writing more content and code for major updates.

A suggestion of mine is to allow an email to make more accounts than 1. Another 1 is to allow an email to make more than 1 and have a button that would go near your account name to say something like Make another character or something like it.

However I’m open to other suggestions and people arguing differently because I don’t exactly know the reason behind it. Anyways thanks for those who have suggested (will suggest whatever) and people who explain this to me.

Somehow implementing several accounts for one email looks wrong to me. To think of it, having several accounts also feels wrong. Not sure why exactly, but nevertheless it does. Also, most devs happen to be quite lazy too =)

Now, an actual answer: there is a trick I know that works with gmail that allows you to bypass this kind of registration restriction: if your email is say, all emails sent to will arrive straight to you at, &quotwhatever&quot being whatever you write in between + and @, though you’d better keep it simple.

I’ve just registered an alt this way and successfully verified it, so it does work.
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I don’t see that as being necessary, myself. I have my main email account and also a Yahoo account on the side, so I use the Yahoo one for my alt.

If I ever feel the need to have a third character here (maybe for Nemesis ambition, but I probably won’t), then I can always make another email address. Heck, with automatic email forwarding (usually via a rules system in your email settings), you could have everything being directed towards your main address.
Implementing these proposed changes would only encourage people to create multiple alts - which increases the likelihood of people using their alts as an exploit to boost their main account, which is something Failbetter Games doesn’t want people to be doing.

To me, this feels a lot like extra work for FBG with no real benefits.

Also as you log in using your email not your character name how would have more than one character per email actually work. Sounds like it will never happen to me and it is fairly easy to have more than one email.

Alrighty then. I understand your arguments and see the reason behind it. If anybody else wants to argue about it but I understand now.

Well here is the thing.Many people have alts-myself included until recently-,and from what I understand Failbetter has not really taken a position on the matter(I may be mistaken,but given how many players admit to the fact quite openly,I assume Failbetter would have stomped harder on the issue if they really minded).I read in another similar thread-ufortunately I don’t remember where,so I can’t give credit- that they allow this because Fallen London is not really a competitive game,but more of a narrative to be experienced with other people.For most browser games however,since hey are competitive,having multiple accounts is a clearly banned practice,since it can give you an edge against other players.So,really,we can have multiple accounts because of the companys indulgent silence,and somehiw it feels that asking them to openly legalize this would be a bit impertinent :3.I think we should embrace the small hassle of juggling multiple account as a way relieve our guilt for riding on Failbetter’s lenience.(Plus what lady Ciel said:)).Also,if I am mistaken and there IS an official position from the company,I mean,it seems unlikely with all the alts advertised openly on the forums,but it’s making me nervous that I’m not 100% sure.
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My understanding of the matter is that they don’t really support it, but it’s not against the rules.

They closed the one major source of possible abuse of alts (the 10 fate gift option) and I quite like being able to explore more content by using alts. Different ambitions; professions; etc. So I think that as long as there is no way to abuse the system Failbetter won’t stop it. Also all my characters are Exceptional Friends and buy fate-locked content.

I don’t know if Fallen London accepts + character in emails, but many email providers allow you to use username+anything@server as an alias for username@server (it’s easy to test, just try emailing yourself with this address).

This effectively enables to register with “different” addresses but use only one mailbox.