Something is wrong there...

I just stumbled upon it. I found it as an interesting little thing.[li]

Well now. That is certainly fascinating. This theoretical individual having lodgings being “Dark Water” certainly makes sense in line with theories bounding anti-south.

How long’s this profile been up? (It’s certainly FBG-affiliated.)

Quite a while.

Adds to contact Well he might want to play some chess. He got some serious watchful.

Sadly, other than one time, Mr Eaten (at least as far as I’m aware) has never accepted any kind of invitation. I’ve had an outstanding invitation for chess with him for quite some time now, on the off chance that something interesting may happen. The one time something DID was when someone got Mr Eaten’s Calling card, which led to Seeking content that is now retired, sadly.

I wonder what would happen if someone invited him to a duel, and he accepted.

This is very interesting, I did not knew about this.
Maybe something will happen with this profile once seeking comes back to drag us all in the mouth of madness.
A good find, Sir Jason.

I ratted him up, this may not end well…[li]

I feel that he has gone through much worse.[/li][li]