Someone is Coming no longer resets!

I just noticed that the “Someone is Coming” opportunity card no longer completely re-sets the “Someone is Coming” quality - it just reduces it by around 21 change points. I like this improvement; it was frustrating to be waiting on that card well into the double digits then have it completely re-set. I just used it twice within five minutes, taking me from over 8 back down to 1. Very nice!

Nice indeed!

Nice, indeed.

A week too late for me (my Someone is Coming almost hit 13 before I saw the card) but nice for the future in case that happens to me again.


Eyes of Icarus, Fallen Cities, and the other two in that group also don’t seem to reset anymore, and I’m pretty sure they used to.

So…Nothing happens other than the junk-person card? That seems kind of a waste, given that “Someone is Coming” is such an evocative phrase…

Very tasty indeed =) I’m now at Someone is Coming 12, so it’s delightful that I no longer need to get it up to 4 for receiving cards =)

This is good news indeed, considering how rare the ‘reward’ card seems to be!