Some thoughts and observations

London, and maybe a couple other ports, should have a warehouse where players can store excess cargo for a fee.

Are the guns supposed to fire as fast as you can click the mouse? I’ve &quotmachine gunned&quot the biggest Zee monsters, and I do mean the biggest one, in a matter of seconds this way.

All ship classes should be able to equip non-weapon equipment to the &quotaft&quot slot, e.g., concealed/secure compartments on a Ligeia class steamer.

Zong of the Zee is not so great that it should need to take up an equipment slot; given it’s cost/benefit, it should be a quality that permanently boosts your stats. Although, I get a laugh imagining Zee captains sailing around blasting the Zong of the Zee on giant, shipboard Gramophones.

The Merchant Cruiser appears very small on the map compared to the other ships despite having the same displacement (weight) as the Dreadnaught, the largest cargo hold in the game, and being described as a &quotponderous, capacious vessel.&quot It looks more lithe and nimble than ponderous and capacious. Also, &quotDreadnaught&quot should be spelled &quotDreadnought.&quot &quotDreadnaught&quot is apparently an experimental rock band.
edited by Jascob on 2/18/2015

Fair point about the model. I got merchant for the first time today, and noticed it’s amazing small.

I think warehouses have been discussed and turned down. But other boats should certainly have more cargo space.

The rapid clicking sounds like it could be a bug? I can’t fire until I get a lock - the little bar around the square having to fill up.

Agreed on the aft slot. Or at least, move some of that stuff to the auxiliary and/or aft.

Definitely a bug. Report it to

&quotDreadnought&quot and &quotDreadnaught&quot have both been ship names in the past. The classifying of ships as &quotdreadnoughts&quot is in reference to the HMS Dreadnought, which came later in history than Sunless Sea’s setting, so the use of the term is an invention and the spelling doesn’t matter so much!

Ship scaling i think is necessary for these top down type of games. The length is close to the same on most. The front light and fireing arc is already covered by the lower UI and battle buttons enough in a small ship. Imagine if the cargo ship was actually long.