Some newbie questions.

Hi, I’ve started this game a couple days ago, and have some questions about it:

  1. I’ve heard that the Light Fingers ambition allows you to change your ambition at some point. Is this true? Does any other ambition do that? (And is starting multiple characters the only way to see all the content in the game?)

  2. If I fail the initial Numismatrix challenge do I just lose the Appauling Secrets? If so, what level of Watchful do I need for it?

  3. What is the best way to spend 43 Fate? (I like content more than material rewards, unless those rewards unlock more interesting content.) I don’t know if I’ll be buying more Fate in the future, but I figure I like the game enough to pay something for it. So I guess it’s two questions:
    3.1. What’s the best way to spend 43 Fate for a character with mainstat levels in the 20s?
    3.2. What would be the best long-term investment?

Welcome! In reply to your questions:

  1. Correct that it alone gives you a chance to change (as far as we know - the ambitions are not yet complete) and that multiple characters are needed to experience everything.

  2. I don’t know - perhaps Neatheans more knowledgeable than I could tell you

  3. I recommend the soul trade story (bought from the fate page) as it is threaded in to many other storylets, and to save a bit of fate to go to the shroom races when your stats are about double what they are now. You’ll want to get something shiny from there, but as it costs fate every time you visit (done via an opportunity card) one trip alone is best.

PS. Buying fate after two days - you sound like just the kind of player Failbetter would love!

Thanks for quick reply.

PS. Buying fate after two days - you sound like just the kind of player Failbetter would love![/quote]
Well, I am not a massive spender, actually quite the opposite, but I liked this game enough to spend this month’s “money I’d be spending on something like WoW if I was playing it” budget on it. :)

In case anybody else is wondering, the answer to #2 turns out to be “You only lose 1 Appauling Secret, rather than all 11”. So it’s not as devastating as I feared, but still not something to try with only 10% success rate.

The answer to #3 is: Wait. At stats in the 20’s, you’ve got loads of stories ahead of you. Some of those stories may, later, require Fate to continue, like losing your soul or your Maiden Aunt or finding a certain picture. You really should pick whichever stories most suits you, but you shouldn’t be in a terrible rush to spend it right away.

You should wait a long while to pick some these, but my personal top ten Fate stories are:

1: Exceptional Friendship for the House of Chimes
2: Empyrean Redolence
3: The Foreign Office
4: The Velocipede Squad
5: The Soul Trade
6: Flute Street
7: Long Lost Daughter
8: Intimate With Devils/Regaining Your Soul
9: Rubbery Pygmalion
10: Maiden Aunt

Also, don’t get the Rubbery Murders. It’s a good storyline, but it’d be better as a non-Fate one. It’s not worth it for the Fate.