Some month's Exceptional Story ... [Fanmade, Player Character]

I’ve been trying to practice the style of FL’s exceptional stories, and while this is definitely rough around the edges, I’m really proud of this one!

I’ve had such a distinct story in mind for my PC, Silas, even down to the choices! I hope you all like him just as much as I do. :smiley:


Goodness gracious, this is amazing! I can barely even tell the difference, which isn’t that surprising considering I don’t know that much about art but still very impressive! Quick question: who are the characters in your PFP, if they are indid characters from somewhere? They seem… familiar, but I can’t place my finger on it.


Thank you so much! It was a fun little experiment I’m almost tempted to do for some of my alts / other FL OCs, but Silas is by far my favorite, haha!

Also they’re technically also Fallen London OCs! (Rather more specifically, mine and my fiancée’s.) Though mixed with a bit of lore from Vampire : The Masquerade as well; their appearances have some loose design inspiration from other media we’re a fan of.


Well than, perhaps I simply recognize the design inspiration from other media. Thank you for your explanation!

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You finished it! Oh my Lord this is so gorgeous. The expression, the colors, the rendering… as masterful work with the metal of the cross. Delectable art.