Some fun ways of making Echoes?

Hello. So I want to get some Echoes. Why? Why not? But I’d like a few suggestions so I can vary it up. Advice?

Everything listed here and Port Carnelian is most of the ways to make money.

Wel, the most efficient methods are well known. I usually do war of assassins to trade curiosities with the tomb colonists. Fidgeting writer’s good too. AotB is well known for good reason.

If you’re after something different, performing actual heists in the Flit can be different, and the money’s good too (Bassingbourn, the quicker of the two options, IIRC). If you have no problems with getting fate, expeditions to the fate-locked locations in the Forgotten Quarter can be very profitable.

Cave of the Nadir, of course. Spirifiers can make mad loot, but I know nothing about that. If you haven’t done the plaster face in your lodgings, you could farm running battle.

The scientific expeditions out at zee aren’t awful cash, just like Hunter’s Keep. Governorship isn’t a great return, but it does offer variety. Taking the ideal path through the iron republic might even be a good return, provided that you spend enough time out there to compensate for the voyage (the lack of London cards is, alas, unavoidable at zee).

Selling your soul seems like a recipe for frustration now, rather than a wise investment in time, but if you value fun more than echoes, it might still offer a liittle variety.

If all that fails, theological husbandry can give you a good excuse to see a lot of the Neath…
edited by RandomWalker on 8/1/2015