Some Beginner questions

I’m currently creating my own Sn world and I’m still finding stuff out on my own.
One thing I want to introduce into my game is death as a mechanic. When you die you get resurrected but you will loose a significant amount of money. When I looked at the interface I’ve decided to make it &quotset to 0&quot because this was the easiest way. But then I found out that there are code based stuff called &quotrich qualities&quot where you can add simple mathimatical terms.
I have to ask now how this works. I want that a player looses half of its money when he dies, so when the death storylet triggers and he select the branch I have to add on the result &quotchange by [q:Mana Money /2]&quot? Or has it to be done in another way.

To add to this, a player shall die when his health points run out. I’ve put a &quotMust&quot Storylet to this, so it triggers autimatically (I guess the bad events that you encounter at 8 are also made this way). While this won’t be an issue at the moment (I created two different settings and you get health points added before you are sent to the other setting), if a new player would start the game in which case he has of course 0 health pints, would he trigger the event in an instant?

Another thing I noticed that a lot stuff from FL is not possible with SN. This was more or less obvious to me but I wonder what you still can do from FL. For an example I really would like to have a faq like in FL. Also the side notes at the right of the screen that give you tiny bits of lore would make a good addition to the game.
The FAQ part could be worked around with a storylet I guess but if it would be easier in any way I would rather use this.
The side note however might not be possibly but who knows…

I also want to maintain this thread so i don’t have to open a new one whenever I have a new question.

I think, for your middle issue, you would need some kind of Not A New Player quality that needs to be at greater than 0 before your death must card pops. If there’s some quest or object your players have to have as they start the game, you can make that another requirement for your death card – then it won’t pop until your players have actually started the game and lose all their health.

Alternatively, you can start the player in some kind of Introductory Area and make the death card only occur outside of that area/setting.
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For your first point, yes, rich effects could be used for this (as well as many, many other things; I rarely make branches without 'em!) Your syntax is slightly incorrect though, it should be:

[q:Mana Money]/2

Note that you have to spell the quality name exactly right too, or it breaks.

Rabbit’s suggestion for your second point would work fine, but there’s also a specific quality (A Stranger) that’s always given to new characters with a value of one. The usual thing to do is to hook some intro content onto this, and then remove the quality as soon as that’s done. So all you’d need to do for your death card is to lock it with a maximim of zero for “A stranger”.

And, alas, you are correct that there are many, many things possible in FL that are not possible in SN. I don’t think there’s any way at all to add content to the page. The best you can do is, as you say, work creatively with storylets to give your players tips, etc. Of course, there’s also no harm in maintaining a FAQ on your own domain.

Ahh, thank you for the addendum to my suggestion – I always forget The Stranger exists. It’s been so long since I’ve worked on intro content.

Thank you guys. I worked out the Death scene and it works now as intended.
I had to use “set to” instead of “change by”.
The player looses now half of it’s current money.

[quote=Vampire100]Thank you guys. I worked out the Death scene and it works now as intended.
I had to use &quotset to&quot instead of &quotchange by&quot.
The player looses now half of it’s current money.[/quote]

Cool; change by should also work if you used a negative change value. The only difference, though, is that the user sees a slightly different message (You’ve lost xxx Mana Money vs You now have xxx Mana Money).

Yeah, thanks for the tip, I changed it because it makes more sense when it says “you lost” instead of “you have now”.