Soild proof the RNG hates me (Sackmas)

So I have two characters, my main character and my Seeking character. In all the time since Christmas NEITHER of them have draw a SINGLE 12 days of Sackmas card. Iv only been through once Sackmas last year, and I pulled one card every day for the entire week, so I need to ask: Is this normal? And is there some way I can force draw the cards? Because my main is all ready to go to get his 5 card lodging and I don’t want to miss out on Penstock’s Wicket

Did you check the lodgings to get the first Mr. Sacks card? If so, it should be in your card deck. According to the wiki, the frequency of the Mr. Sacks cards should double from 5x to 10x after about 10 or so days.

The first one is a storylet this year.

  1. Have you played the first Mr Sacks “Day 1” storylet? This isn’t a card, and you need to play this in order to be eligible to draw the “Day 2” card, etc.

  2. Check your qualities. Under the Story section, what’s the value of the “Experiencing Strange Times: Twelve Days of Mr Sacks” quality? This is the quality which tracks how many days of Mr Sacks you’ve met. If this quality doesn’t exist for you, you should see the “Day 1” storylet. However, some people have reported a bug, where they had this quality at 12 (i.e it wasn’t cleared for them from last year, and the game thus thinks they’ve already met all 12 Mr Sacks’s for the year). If this is the case for you, an email to support will get you sorted.

Thank you for your reply’s. Yes I did notice that the first day is a static story this year and Iv gone through it on both my characters. My Experiencing Strange Times: Twelve Days of Mr Sacks is set to 3 for my main character (so I must have picked up a couple of cards and not remembered) while it is set to 1 on my alt.

You are not alone. I’ve still got two characters that are on day 1; another that only got the day 2 card yesterday and one that is at day 7.

The RNG is really annoying at this time of year, but as long as you have started the Twelve Days you will be able to get access to Penstock’s Wicket. I think the frequency of the cards is increased after a few days.

The cards will eventually become storylets, so even in the most perilously bad instance of poor luck you will still finish the story and gain access to Penstock’s Wicket.

I do not get it however. Why not make them storylets from the beginning? It would excite me to see the golden frame every day, while now going through the RNG can be frustrating or nerve-wracking.
I understand some players might not log in every day, but upon entering the storylet one could find every new day pinned, one under another. Or do the cards serve another purpose I am not aware of?

I expect it to be a bit of flavor; Sacks arrives when he wishes to, not when you wish him to.

I’m the same - not a single Sacksmas card after the initial story let. What have I done to offend the RNG in this way?!