Society connections

Hello all,

I’m new here, and I’m trying to increase my Society connectedness. It seems like there’s a perpetual catch-22 of needing society connectedness to increase it, though. The carnival requires that you have already made it through a long society plotline, and after saving up for the 30 echo book that the tooltips promised would raise my connectedness, I discovered that you already need connectedness of 10 for the book to be used, which was immensely frustrating.

Is there a way for a relatively new player to raise this, besides waiting for random events?

Thank you,
C. Mortimer

The plotline you’re referring to IS basically the way new players can get Connected: Society – once you have Persuasive of 45 or higher, storylets appear in Veilgarden that let you grind Society connections 1 CP at a time until reaching Society 8, which lets you go the ball and unlock various other Society methods including the Carnival and the Society card.

Alternately, if you don’t have a Connected Pet yet, you can draw cards in Veilgarden until you get “A scuffle in the street” where one of the options gives quite a bit of Society connection. It’s one-time only, but it gives enough Society connection to let you draw the Society vs. Tomb-Colonists conflict card; if you draw that one a couple times you’ll be able to use that connected item.