Social actions reference


I’m trying (so far unsuccessfully) to find some kind of list of what social actions there are in the game, or what social actions you recommend me to pursue.

I’ve just recruited a new player and would like to interact. But find it incredibly frustrating to be completely lost as to where I find the most fun social actions, what actions I need to take to maximize my chances of getting cards with social actions and so on. (I’m currently in the 30-40 range of main values).

Obviously I have found the “basic” ones: engaging in something terribly intellectual etc. But these amount to little else than me winning at chess and them getting a few 2nd chances. We’ve passed a few cats around (which would have been even more fun if we didn’t have so bad luck as to only find spiders in the boxes)… (I’ve also found out how to get Mr Chimes to send them Fate)

But I’m hoping for more complex interactions. I’m seeing how certain cards allow you to invite new twitter friends on short storylets. (Something about a bohemian adventure on one card). But they’re already playing now - how do I find activities that work for players that have already started playing?

Another Q: Can you gift items (such as clothing or keys to lodgings) to your friends or is it only fate?

Like much the rest of the game, I’m fumbling in the dark here. While exploration might be fun in general, I am writing this to quickly and reliably start some social interaction, instead of just waiting until my deck of cards replenish and hoping for some blind luck…

Thanks all

The card “A commotion in the Square of Lofty Words” allow you to send selected gifts to other players. Helpful to low level players but it is a bit obsolete when both you and the recipient are POSI.

Investigating the Affluent Photographer is also something you can do with your friend; you can either dupe them or work with them.

Awful Temptation of Money used to be a social action card where you can either cooperate or dupe your friend for some increase in the Pocketful of Loose Charge quality. Apparently it was changed to a regular card due to unexpected bugs.

Not much else, I think.

The only storylet I can think of which allows gifting anything is the Commotion in the Square of Lofty Words card. Rats, jewels, Fate and second chances. No clothing or lodgings, that’s a little too dear.
Most social interactions storylets are through cards. Those that aren’t are usually found at your lodgings. The one’s you’ll want to use the most are for menace reduction.
The Affluent Photographer is one of my favorites. Wait around a bit and it’ll show up.

I was kind of thinking a rough economy based on exchanges of the First City Coins could work.

Beyond the menace reducers and second chances I have only encountered card based social actions with people already in the game.

My favourite card of this type hasn’t been mentioned here: The Neath’s Mysteries. It is not terribly rare, but only appears at your lodgings. The card has 4 options, and my favourite is the theatre one. Putting the pieces together, something about the Fourth City is another card, but it takes a bit of luck to get a message to your friend.

The only other thing I can recall (I don’t know much about it myself) is the Singular Plant fights. Maybe someone can tell you how to raise your plant to the point the two of you can have competitions. I don’t know what level is ideal for that tho.

Oh, and one of the ambitions requires a friend to heist the Museum of Mistakes for you, that’s kinda fun. Also, at higher levels if you have a newspaper, you may get a card to interview your friend for the paper.

I think the feast of the exceptional rose (February, I hadn’t really started playing then) has a number of social actions, but that is obviously a long way off.

This is something I do wish they’d add more to. I find it sort of odd that the best social actions are the invitation ones. Those options are QUITE lucrative, and there’s four options for short storylets. For players who are already playing, options are few, and not all of them are really useful.

I will say this though: One card that hasn’t been mentioned so far is the “Share Research” card which can be used while sailing on the unterzee if you’ve started the scientific expedition story. It spends 4 echoes in bats, giving you 4.50 echoes in research (going by the conversion rates when you turn in 500 at a time), for a 50 pence profit. Your partner ALSO gets 4.50 echoes worth of research, at no cost. Assuming you and your friend each share research, that still comes out to one of the best money options in the game, at 2.50 echoes per action. Only problem though, is that it IS a card, and those can be infrequent.