So why is there no Zee-bat plushie for sale?

Can you please make this a priority? :cool:

Just any plushies in general, we beg you Failbetter!

Actually, adding a Rattus, Cavvie and Blemmigan plushie to the request list. :p

Master plushies or bust!

A Pink-Painted Cat plushie, a Rose-Bearing Maggot plushie…for Valentine’s Day! Er, I mean the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.

I want to buy my hat.

I mean this hat my avatar is wearing. I have developed an inordinate fondness for it and its rust-brown colouring.

I won’t settle for anything less than a particularly exceptional hat: fangs, eyes, and all. And of course it won’t eat my brains.
Edit: speaking of avatars and hats, it just occurred to me that my avatar’s hat should be on fire, what with this sigil I put on it.
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I require a Judgemental Hat! Complete with snark towards passers-by.

faint borking in the distance




accidentally starts a mass howl
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Blemmigan! I’ll pay extra for pince-nez!
Also, there are many fine weasel plushies available; I mean buying them won’t support FB, which seems like leaving money on the table, but I’m sure urchin would still approve of it.

Cheeryman plushie! I must have it!

A salt weasel please. Many salt weasels. All of them.

What’s this about plushies?

There are already cavvie plushies somewhere, I"m sure (though Amsfield’s point applies), but yanno what I really want? I want that fierce little armored hamster with the cannonball. And rattus faber! muffled indignant noises from her Talkative Rat Hush you. If you’re really ambitious, you could do them like Build-a-Bear, but that seems…well, really ambitious. Hello, Department of Redundency Department. ^.^;;

Meanwhile, Nikki has gotten it into her head (somehow. She’s been visiting with her other, more temporally-advanced editions) that what we really need is a stuffie cannon. And while it can’t be orbital, what with the lack of rocket ships – WAIT WHO TOLD HER ABOUT SUNLESS SKIES?! GET BACK HERE!

…Welp. There she goes. I apologize in advance for any skytrains she destroys. Now where was I? Right. Stuffie cannon. Before she found the solution to the orbital issue winces at a distant BOOM she was talking about seeing if the Regiment was interested in shooting stuffed animals at people.


2-in-1 Colonist/Moth Plushie! Luke and Tauntaun style ideally, or possibly reversible like the pokeball/pokemon you used to get.

Starveling Cat plushie all the way. Give it a little gap in the mouth so that it can munch away your resources.

I’m with Jolanda Swan. Salt weasel plushies. For that matter, Lucky Weasel Plushies too. Midnight Matriarch plushies… the list could go on and on!

What about… A Judgement Plushie?
Hugging it would be less dangerous than hugging an actual Judgement, too.

It would be like one of those white furry pillows with the L.E.D. lights in it, except it would be a sphere.

Pentecost Ape, Bifurcated Owl and Overgoat/Ubergoat/Heptagoat Plushies!!! (please)
Maybe also clothing items such as Parabola-linen Suit/dress or a Judgemental/Exceptional Hat :)