So when we go shopping, do we go IN the Bazaar?

I had always assumed that the Echo Bazaar was, well, built like a Bazaar - a covered market in the style of the Near and Middle East, with special alcoves for shops and stores, interior avenues, streets and squares; public spaces to facilitate trade. The 7 Doors of the Bazaar allow access to restricted areas such as the spires and the vaults, and those shops which cannot afford space in the Bazaar itself relegated to the nearby Side-Streets.

I see it like the difference between going into a shopping mall or going into the offices of a shopping mall; or the service corridors, or the underground warehouses, or the apartments in the highrise above. There are clear markers for where you should and shouldn’t be, only with the mall those are &quotemployees/tenants only&quot signs and with the Bazaar it’s a door made of teeth

places like Dark and Savage or Redemptions might be located inside, while Penstock built his place on the flank of the mall so he could have his own elevator down to the boiler room

But as far as I know there is no specific point in the canon to confirm or deny this definitively, and shopping &quotin the Bazaar&quot might refer to the Side-Streets exclusively while the whole of the Bazaar’s structure is strictly off limits.

Am I mistaken and this issue has been clearly settled, or is it still up to fan interpretation?
edited by IHNIWTR on 8/14/2021

The Bazaar Side-streets are pretty clearly outside of the Bazaar. Here’s the text when you hover over them on the map: “Respectable firms crammed into ramshackle workshops and poky offices. The rent here is astronomical. But the quick and hungry turn profits in the shadows of the spires. Just keep your eyes off the carvings up high. And whatever you do, don’t fall in love.” The map also shows the side-streets as separate from the Bazaar itself. Since these are the highest-end shops in London (and as the cost of living in a Bazaar Spire is most steep indeed), it seems unlikely that “normal” shops like Dark & Savage and Nassos Zoologicals are not actually in the Bazaar.

I imagine the Echo Bazaar as a shopping district in the general vicinity of the Bazaar.