So what the hell am I supposed to do?

So I visited the Blue Kingdom after doing most of what I thought I could do in the Reach. Enemies are harder than expected and I can kill them but since I can’t repair my hull at Sky Barnet (yet?) I die before I can figure out the whole being invisible thing.

Next captain spawns in Blue Kingdom but with one of my weapons taken away and now my stats now aren’t high enough to equip my other weapon so I have no offense. There’s no way to buy any new weapons I can actually equip, and I need papers to get back to the Reach. I manage to make it to the white well with minimal encounters (by sheer luck?) but again, with no way to repair, I die whilst looking for where I can buy gemstones for bribing.

Third captain, I’m given a crummy pea shooter, still useless for killing anything here. I manage to find and barely afford gemstones but I get killed before I can get back to the white well.

Now I’m all the way back to level three and have no money, so what the hell am I supposed to do? I don’t feel like I was initially underequipped (best weaponry and armor available in the Reach), just a lot of enemies between me and completing whatever quest is needed to unlock repairs. But then the game took all my weaponry, and with enemies than can spawn in EVERY possible route there is NOWHERE I can go without dying. Now I’m massively underlevelled and can’t afford anything and even the difficulty options don’t look like they would help with anything (aim isn’t the problem, just damage and health…) Right now I guess I could sell my ship and try a gemstone run again in hopes that out of pure luck I encounter no enemies on the way but I’m not sure how much is left to do before I can finally repair my ship and feel semi-safe… if the game just let me back into the Reach I would have to replay like 90% of what I’ve played so far but at least I wouldn’t lose everything, but since I’m instead trapped in this strange uncivilized monster-infested &quotKingdom&quot I’m just stuck?

I honestly don’t have any experience, as I haven’t been able to get SS yet, but is stealth not working? Because it just seems to be that not getting into fights with any enemies is the best option, how hard is it to avoid fights? Not meaning to imply you don’t understand it, but how far away can enemies detect you? Any tight paths giving you issue sneaking?

The way I do it is to turn off my lights as soon as I see an enemy I dont want to fight. They won’t see me 90% of the time. If they do see me I just drive past them and dodge their shots with q and e. Easy!
With that said, The Reach is in my opinion the easiest region where you can earn lots of cash. Try to get there and you should be good.

Huh, I wasn’t aware I could turn off the light. I would have expected a tutorial advice for something like that. It does make things much easier, thanks.

More good news: my last death didn’t save because I ragequit during captain creation, so I’m in a better state than I thought I was, but that seems like an exploit that should probably be fixed.

Yes, turning off your lights with “L” makes you almost invinsible to others AND you will lose less fuel. But beware: You gain more terror.

[color=#ccffcc]Hey there, Luke![/color]
[color=#ccffcc]You mentioned that you were unable to return to the Reach following your captain’s death in the Blue Kingdom. This is a bug that we’re aware of, as it removes the necessary permit to make this journey, and we’re working on addressing it.[/color]
[color=#ccffcc]In the meantime, we can resolve this issue for you directly if you send us a bug report and your affected save files at The location of said save files are specified here.[/color]