So what happens if I go back to New Newgate?

I have had NOTHING but failure after failure on all my Shadowy rolls today… so my Suspicion is getting out of hand… still trying to keep my Nightmares under control… and I don’t want to spam folks with requests…

So either I stop trying Shadowy for a while… or just go ahead and get tagged…

So how bad is prison? :)

New Newgate has some fun little tidbits, and you can pick up an acquaintance with the Repentant Forger. It’s worth visiting at least once - just don’t make it a habit, as raising your criminal record too high will lead to increasingly severe punishments and reduce the efficacy of the absolution solution.

Nice… OK then

It should be noted that if you end up in New Newgate via failing to rob the Brass Embassy, you’ll skip the court storylet and won’t raise your criminal record. If you think you’re going to get caught eventually anyway, might as well go out with a bang.
edited by MrUnderhill89 on 11/21/2015

I’m afraid that won’t work as a method to get rid of your suspicion. you need a low suspicion of no more than 2 (and now Master Thief 2) to rob the Brass Embassy.

Also, failing to rob the Embassy will nuke your Connected: Hell to oblivion and reduce shadowy by 50 CP, just something to consider if you really want to avoid that trial.