So much for de Gustibus

TtH just came for me at 1530 Zulu, and melted my pails of snow into Direful Reflections. I never had any opportunity to sell them with de Gustibus. Well, FBG warned us this might happen, but it is still a bit annoying. There is rather a large difference in the Echo value of the two objects.

– Mal

Lacre is literally composed of sadness and frost. What did you expect to remain when frost is gone?

I figured that was a problem for whoever bought the frost and sadness from me.

– Mal

Given how many Londoners have fallen for this, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Apicius Club’s Procurer-General and that urchin have been working together. A textbook two-man con.
edited by Passionario on 2/2/2016

Didn’t work in my case, I didn’t buy any snow. The pails that melted were just the normal lacre-fall.
But a number of more seasoned players are drinking deeply of regret, especially considering how much the stuff costs to begin with.

– Mal

More seasoned players would probably prefer the Reflections, given how hard they are to gain normally. Echoes are easy.

I recall obtaining at least half a dozen Tiny Cave Fish in Hallowmas because I had read about exchanging them in Christmas for Magnificent Diamonds, which I’d need for a couple of things (including, perhaps, a Zubmarine). It turns out these diamonds are not that hard to find, though (especially for someone who ventures into the Forgotten Quarter once in a while), so I don’t really mind about De Gustibus. Though I’ll have to find something to do with that fish, and quickly. They’re starting to smell.

Perhaps a rubbery-style sushi party is in order? Pack up your amber and bring all the day-old fish you can carry. We’ve got a feast to prepare, gentlepeople.
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De Gustibus may be (probably still is) coming. It’s just too late to get rid of excess Lacre that way.

Direful Reflections are fairly easy to obtain for anyone who’s finished Dabble in the Great Game in Veilgarden. Though it does diminish either Ruthless or Magnanimous.

They are also easily obtained in Flute Street.

And by entering the Nadir with Nightmares 2 or 3.

(I didn’t even know about the other sources.)

De Gustibus may be (probably still is) coming. It’s just too late to get rid of excess Lacre that way.[/quote]

ack. still no de gustibus??? i hoarded quite a few delicious(to them) items just to sell to them.

It’s possible this Apicius Club is back to their old practice of meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month, which would be next Monday. Or March 14. Or April 11. Or…