So I have my precious Parabolan Kitten

Do it itself bear some story with it? If so, where should I look? I somehow hoped it’s possible to raise it :)

I’m not sure if it has any cards or unlocked options, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be growing up into a Parabolan Panther. It’d be incredibly awkward if it did.

I agree with Sara, but I still think it’s neat to have a Parabolan Kitten, anyway.

Oh, definitely. Thanks for putting it up on your mantelpiece, by the way! I was wondering what it looked like.

You’re welcome! I like to put new acquisitions on my Mantelpiece–if they are the type of thing that would fit on a Mantepiece! Kittens certainly qualify.


Parabolan Kitten?? How do you get it? I didn’t get to back Sunless Sea but I did buy the preorder… (And is there something else that unlocks after I link Sunless Sea with my FL account?)

Lumyire, the kittens come from a slow but repeatable storylet that is only accessible to those who backed Sunless Sea above a certain level and so got a Parabolean Panther. They can then give the kittens to whoever they please. There’s a separate thread dedicated to people asking for and receiving kittens, so I suggest that you post there if you want one.

If you link your Sunless Sea account to your main account, there’s a rare-ish card that appears in the Docks that lets your captain in the Sunless Sea start with three secrets. Play with the kitten in London and it too will join you in your voyages on the Sunless Sea

I didn’t know I can play with it! :D I’ve heard about the card, good to know that I’m just unlucky with draws and it’s not a Backer-only thing.

By the way, am I mistaken or the Parabolan Kitten is the first example of inventory item with green border?

[color=#009900]You’re not mistaken! For the longest time it wasn’t possible for items to be both usable and equippable in Fallen London.[/color]

Will Starveling Cats become equippable as well?

equips Starveling cat
Ah, time to play chess with the boatman, then?

I’ve been meaning to mention how delightful this innovation is! I can equip kittens AND play with them!

that’s great news with endless development possibilities! looking forward to that!

I don’t care about Starveling Cats, I want to play with my Starveling Stole! That aside, I wish there’s more outcomes when I play with my kitten. There seem to be only… 2?