So about those illegal souls...

How exactly do you acquire a Pirate’s Pleasure? I’ve swapped it for soul’s many times, but this time it’s not there! Now how do I get my souls?

Not quite sure what you mean, I’m afraid - Pirate’s Pleasure doesn’t, so far as I’m aware, have anything to do with the soul trade.

I…could be crazy, I’ll check again…

I’m hoping it gets used for something, eventually.


Probably the Pirate’s Heart, which is a possible solution for the fathomking.

Specifically the Pirate-Poet’s Heart. But I’m pretty sure neither that character nor the fourth heart option are in game anywhere.

Having looked up those options… All I can express is D: . That’s horrifying!

Returning to the original subject… if dashbarron means collecting souls for the Cheery Man, that only requires going to the port he nominates and handing over the cash he gives you, doesn’t it? And Pirate’s Pleasure relates to the as-yet-not-entirely-functional piracy system, and is a cash payout - is that right?

Hrm. Sidenote. Was looking on kickstarter. I think maybe pirate poet is only for backers of a certain level…