Snubbing an Acquaintance

I am culling my contact list; eliminating those who seem to have returned to the surface. There is one such fellow I’ve been unable to snub because he no longer shows up on my contact list. I would much rather share my Influence with an active player. Does anyone know how I can get rid of him?[li]

I have not snubbed anyone yet, but I assume that this works like other social actions.

If you know his name, just type it into the box to the right to add him back to your contact list. Or go to another social action and add him back that way, then snub him.

Have you tried doing other social actions with him? Besides the dropdown list on the left, you can type names in on the right box. Just copy-Paste his name into it from your acquaintance lest and send him a social request, like for a Brawl or a Poisoning.

Or go to<name> (replace <name> with his name If there is a space in his name, replace it with %20) and click Add to Contacts.

If it does not work, I suggest contacting support, because it would be something that they need to take care of on their end.
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If the acquaintance deactivated their account, you can quickly check via myself tab and looking at all your acquaintances in a list and opening up &quotAcquainted with…&quot. They’ll have a !!DEACTIVATEDCHARACTER(Numbers-ID)-Name. If they did, you can’t snub them since they are deleted from Fallen London and can’t have any social actions happen to them (and can’t re-add them to the contact list), even a snubbing. I would immediately try support. It sucks that they take up influence space, such a bummer truly. Good luck!

I don’t wish to be discouraging, but I contacted support for a similar issue a few months back. Support’s reply was that they had too many users to do this on request and that the situation would resolve itself when they purge the deactivated accounts from their database, something that happens every 3-6 months. (For the record, this happened in August, and there has been no resolution thus far.) The player who swanned off to the Void was one of my proteges, and now my Influence is too high to accept a new one (or six new acquaintances, as proteges count for 7 people in your Influence score).

While situations such as ours are frustrating, it is the players who are married to deactivated or MIA players who truly have my sympathy, and there is no solution for them either. I hope a solution is in the works for them as well.

If their user name appears properly on your “Acquainted With” then they are not deactivated. My errant protege appears with the “!!DEACTIVATEDCHARACTER” blah blah blah business under both acquaintances and proteges. That is indeed a quandary then. Is he available to Write a Letter to? (That would still be available for characters temporarily out of London, at zee, in menace areas, etc.) What happens when you try to go to his profile page? If he is no longer a player, it should forward you instead to the main game page. If his profile shows properly, perhaps a note to Support is in order after all, just to figure out why the fellow is in Limbo?

[quote=Aardent Lore]The only place this scamp shows up is my &quotAcquainted with…&quot list. He isn’t on my contact list, and I don’t believe I’d have deleted him because I quite enjoyed sparring with him from time to time. No luck writing letters. Trying to access his profile page leads to me the game login page. Yes, indeed, this is a head-scratcher.

I do think I’ll leave support alone - at least for now. Luck may be with me, and the problem will correct itself. I’ll take a wait and see attitude for now.

I’ve learned a good bit from this thread. I shall be much more particular with sending and accepting calling cards hereafter.
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From my experience quite recently (around October), I accepted a calling card, the person deleted their account about a day later (no idea why), and I see their name with the deactivated label in the &quotAcquainted With…&quot list and in the &quotContacts&quot list from my account page which is accessed in the top right. I can easily delete their name (deactivated or not) in the &quotContacts&quot list with the ‘x’ but it won’t do anything with their standing in the &quotAcquainted with…&quot list, since snubbing is impossible at this point and that is the only normal way to get rid of them in the &quotAcquainted with…&quot list. I thought about contacting support on and off, but I haven’t had an issue keeping the influence raise yet since mine is relatively okay in the 30s. If they are not labeled as deactivated on your end, something is definitely odd. However, since you can’t see their profile or write a letter (which can be done no matter the location from my understanding), I feel they are deactivated, but they should have the label indicating that in the &quotAcquainted with…&quot list.

Well it’s as you said, Que Sera Sera (that one’s new to me, and I like it!). Perhaps the purging Lady Taimi Felix said will be enough. Based on what she said, it may not be fruitful to contact support since they seem swamped by such requests, especially divorces. One can only hope social management can be improved for cases such as this in the future! I am glad you have a better understanding about these sorts of things now, and let’s hope for better luck in acquaintanceship moving forward. :)

Yes, FBG have recently tweeted about this. Good cleanup.

Whee! Thank you, FBG!

(While it might be pure coincidence, I think we should take credit for this, Aardent Lore! ;) )

Nice, I can’t believe I missed the updates on this thread, but nice work Failbetter! I am glad our deactivated woes for acquaintances, patrons and protégés at least have been solved for the time being! :) Along with Lady Taimi Felix, I do like how timely this all was, as if this thread was like a certain bell, it was probably just a coincidence. ;)