Snail mail anyone? (Closed)


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[color=CC0000]Important!![/color] If for any reason you no longer wish to exchange mail with me (though you have previously expressed an interest) that is alright! Merely inform me of this! I will not berate you or do anything of the sort. Just tell me, so that I would not be foolishly waiting for a response from a person who has obtained a case of the ghosties.

I would like to exchange snail mail with someone. By that I mean not in-game letters, but real post.
I am interested in either RP (roleplay) letters from one Fallen London character to another, or ordinary letters, or both!

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Still from the inceptor of this thread, some information about my experience with letter writing:

  • How long have I been writing letters? - Since 2013, on-and-off for 9 years.[/li][/ul] [ul][li]Where have I sent letters to? - Primarily from continental Europe to the UK and US[/li][/ul] [ul][li]How long have you waited for letters (am I patient)? - I can wait and take my time, the longest I’ve waited for a response is three years.[/li][/ul] [ul][li]What sort of letters do I write? - I try to compose ornate letters and often take part in drawing exchanges alongside with the written correspondence (post below)

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This Frankenstein’ed image includes the first page of an actual letter I’ve mailed, and my artwork as well as a story I‘ve written and then transcribed onto paper:

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RP letters, ideas?

I’ve devised a way to introduce our character without them having to introduce themselves. The first letters could be reports/findings/what-have-yous as written by the recipient‘s informant. To elaborate, you would receive a letter from me detailing Lord Hatter (my character) as described by your &quotinformant&quot (a character of your choice), and you would send a letter in the same spirit. Does that make sense?
I can provide a random example (non-binding, this is just an example): your character knows a reformed urchin (I could mimic a shakily written cursive, since school-taught cursive would be shaky for me – I haven’t used it since primary) and requested a report on Lord Hatter from said child. This report would be the first letter.
Why the characters are researching one another – I do not know, but I find this way of introducing them to be an intriguing exercise.

Do you have any suggestions? A better idea? Do tell me!

Ordinary [non-RP] letters, what would they be like?

I am not especially interested in deeply personal letters or some kind of daily reports. While I can lend an ear should you need it - that is not what I seek in letter-writing. I am riveted by interests and hobbies, movies, and books, and art, and a thousand utterly random queries/answers!

Should you have any queries, I will try to satisfy your curiosity. Or should you wish to exchange mail with me – do let me know~
Post your queries here, or PM me, or contact me in-game (my character’s name is Mad-as-a-Hatter) – whichever you choose is quite alright with me. Just don‘t forget to tell me if you reconsider, ghosting is quite vexing! :)