Can someone please explain how smuggling and the hidden compartments work? I’ve had 2 hidden compartments for a while now (all Reach and all Albion). Just started my exploration of Eleutheria. Not even once have I had the option to use the compartments. How does it even work? I can see it in my Hold that there is space for hidden stuff but idk how :/

  1. You need to start short quest line in London. I believe you need affiliation Criminals 3 for that.
  2. After that smuggling is unlocked. You have access to special smuggling Prospects at 3 certain ports, special equpment and trade items for that purpose.
  3. You need Hidden compartment > number of smuggled items and some Veils to pass the check in the relays.
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In other words, Hidden Compartments provide a passive effect that helps protect you from discovery by the customs officials. You don’t have to do anything specific in order to use it.

One thing I discovered today was that docking in Pan with contraband made me have to pass a much harder check to keep it than I did at the Relays. I assume that this happens at every major port, so be careful when entering London or Eleutheria and have enough fuel and supplies to get you to your destination unless you want to roll the dice.

Thanks for all the answers!
Do you guys feel that smuggling is worth it? As I said, I’ve never had to use it.
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Judging from my 2 experiences smuggling so far, I would definitively answer &quotyes, but&quot. If nothing else, I would complete the initial smugling quest to open up opportunities in London, Pan and Titania, including a major one in Pan. As for smuggling itself, it has a pretty high setup cost since you’ll need a ship that can handle at least 8 Hidden Compartment spots. The relay checks are easy for a character with 50+ Veils, but Pan (and its Stations!) and I’m assuming other hub ports have much harder checks for docking with contraband. This means that you’re probably going to get your smuggling gear and rush straight to the target port before you can change to your preferred layout. The rewards are fantastic, though, and both Titania and Pan have better smuggling gear than London itself. Just keep your stats high and it gets easier as you go.

Also, Red Honey has an event where your crew can use some of it if you fail a solid Mirrors check. Who needs Revenue Men when the b_____ds in your employ are stealing your supply?

Edit: Apparently completing smuggling missions successfully opens a Deed as well. It gives you 5 Veils, a choice of 3 Irons or Mirrors, and an Unlicensed Chart either way. It’s probably worth earning it, but smuggling definitely makes you spend money to earn money in return.
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Smuggling pays out more than normal opportunities and gives more XP as well. It requires dedication, but if you need a lot of money, it can be worth it.

I have a question myself about time limits. Some smuggling prospects ask for delivery in a month or two, after which the pay is much lower. Does anyone know if time starts ticking when the prospect is first offered or to when you take it?

I have related question. Every time you complete smuggling you raise some quality. Smugglers rating. What is the maximum and is there something else about it, maybe additional quest when its high enough, achievement, lvlup facet, etc ?
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