(SMEN spoilers!) Southwards on the new Zee Map

On my Seeking alt I am pursuing St. Gawain’s Candle, and I have the Hollow Heart in my possession, but I’m not sure where to use it with the new Zee map. Has this been re-implemented yet, and if so, is there a trick I’m missing?
edited by MrUnderhill89 on 6/28/2021

May be entirely irrelevant… I’ve noticed that some (eg. Light Fingers encampment) route options are unlocked by an option on the storylet alongside the &quotChart a course&quot option that opens the map.

ie. some destinations are chosen via the map (including many Fate locked ones) and are visible even if locked – while others have traditional storylet options which are hidden when locked.
edited by Dagforth on 6/28/2021

Went on two whole trips to Void’s Approach but no luck so far; the only options are to eat dinner or return to your lodgings.

Have you tried going to the Elder Continent? That’s where I’d expect it to show up, at least (if you do find it, please take screenshots so I can update the wiki).