Small Content Idea - Home Storage

One of the things that’s annoyed me with this game is when you have an item(or items) that you need to keep, but which you cannot use right away, and which take up a lot of your cargo hold. One of the best examples of this is the Sphinxstone final quest; when I first got it, I was barely a third of the way through exploring the map, and when I finally found Irem, it was the very last place I explored.

Given that I was still in my beginner ship with only 40 cargo normally, I ended up having to explore most of the ocean with 20 functional cargo space. It was awful.

It would have been really nice if i could have dropped at least some of it off at my home. Even a basic storage of 10, heck, even 5 would be enormously convenient. Obviously you’d have to pay for it at first, or maybe just stash it somewhere and hope it doesn’t get found(For the extremely chintzy among us), but anything is better than nothing, you know?

Anyways; Home Cargo Storage. Yeah. Please.
edited by DemiserofD on 11/7/2015

There are mods for this actually, search through the forums a bit, I’m too lazy to find them myself.