Slowdown rendering the game almost unplayable...

Is this just me? I started off fine - now I’m on my third captain and the game is properly chugging. It’s getting worse and worse, to the extent that I really don’t think I can stand to play it anymore.

I’ve tried lowering all the video settings to their lowest, but nothing seems to work.

I’ve been having this problem. Can’t work out a way of fixing it. Just had to ignore it in the end. It seems to happen either when I have lots of things in my journal, or I upgrade to a faster engine. As if the game can’t keep up with my ships speed. Very odd.

It seems like the “chug” happens right when the fuel bar decreases a bit. Which would make sense it happening more noticably with a bigger engine

Report this and send in your log. Lots of us having the same problem.

The best &quotworkaround&quot I’ve found is restarting with a new captain. A good opportunity to grab legacies!
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I’ve had this problem but I’ve always been able to fix it just by exiting the game and starting it back up again. It usually only happens after I’ve been playing for several hours.

I just got this effect and it’s really quite annoying. Basically the ship doesn’t steer, so, I cannot really do anything in this moment. It affects the whole game, even the previous saves. Never happened to me in all the hours I spent on the game, could it be a coincidence it happened just after I upgraded my ship for the first time? (even if it affects all the saves even those with the previous ship)

I think I noticed that this effect has come together with longer loading times of save games. Could it be possible (it would mean that there’s something that clogs the game beyond the mere frame rate of the movement)?

The save file does grow in size for no reason I can entirely fathom. I think there’s a bug with repeating a lot of the officer data in on of the arrays, because going from 250kb to 1.5mb doesn’t make a lot of sense, and picking through it, I see the descriptions from all the officer interactions repeated a LOT.

I’m not sure this is directly connected to your probmem, but I also noticed that when the save file grows, so does the amount of memory the game uses (topping out at ~1.8gb). if you haev a computer with not much RAM, that’d certainly be a cause for running slowly. Obvious (but worth saying) close everything in the background, especially chrome. Run task manager to check your memory.

That being said, this probably isn’t the issue if you’re seeing the same problem when you load up old save games, which presumably don’t have the problem.
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Personally i’ve found it out it’s related to the number of nested entries of the journal, it’s not just the size of the file.

In details it’s related to possession qualities (accomplishments, journal, cargo etc)

After i get around 150 of them in my game, it start to stutter and go worse every entries added (with a nearly &quotfinished&quot game there are about 450/500 of them).

i file just delete them to an accettable number (< 150) the savegame runs fine again, OF COURSE, this is gamebreaking since e reset lot of story, events, items etc. etc, but in the process the files reamain approssimatively of the same size, between 1.2 and 1.3 Mb.

I’ve reported this some days ago, hoping the could find out a way to fix this odd behaviour.

I don’t really think the computer hardware is the main cause for this behavior, otherwise I would have had it since the beginning of my playing. Or I should have observed a progressive degradation as the game piles up more and more info. Instead it was quite a switch on/off situation: perfect, yesterday-I don’t even manage to turn, now.
So there must be some trigger stuff that creates this behavior.

Let’s trust in the devs! For now, I cannot really play anymore, pity!

P.S.: where are the save files?

How did you delete qualities from the files? I opened those up and had no idea where to start. [li]

You don’t! Not unless you’re an expert, anyway. This is something for the devs to fix.

Yeah, fair enough. I’ll just wait for the next fix to come by then - on some level I could almost appreciate how the stuttering simulates the dizziness of zee-sickness.[li]

I may have found a workaround. Normally I play through Steam; I tried reinstalling the game from the Humble Bundle version and that install works perfectly, no stutter. May be something other people want to try.

edit: there’s still a slight stutter but it’s akin to new-captain levels, not gameplay-prohibitive.
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2nd edit: NEVERMIND. False Alarm. Gameplay rapidly gets worse again. Travel even three or four regions and it’s just as bad again.
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For what it’s worth I’ve experienced this too on the GOG version. Not terrible like some have mentioned but a noticeable “tick” where the game momentarily freezes for a moment every few seconds. Thus far quitting and restarting have fixed it for me, but after having explored the entire map with one captain, everything is moving a bit slower, with a significant delay between me pressing my map button and the map displaying.