Slime and Amber: the Rubbery Men Requirements?

Hello, I’ve had my eye on the Amber Cello for a while now. I’d finally obtained 10 Renown: Rubbery Men and 3 Favours: Rubbery Men about a week ago and up until that point I was drawing the Slime and Amber: the Rubbery Men card at least once every other day. As an active player I draw dozens of cards daily but I haven’t drawn it once in the past week. It’s supposed to have standard frequency so I was wondering if there were any requirements that I am failing to meet for drawing the card. I’ve noticed that I’m also unable to immediately draw the card at my lodgings using a favourable circumstance. However I could use one to draw other Favour connected cards like the docks or criminals but the rubbery men are not an option. So if anyone knows a requirement for this card I’d be grateful to hear it. I have 7 Favours now, not sure if that effects it. I realize it might just be bad RNG (though being unable to draw it with a favourable circumstance is suspicious) but just in case I’m missing something the sooner I find out the better.

Since before the renown update rubbery men didn’t have a card, I think they just didn’t add the card to the favourable circumstance.
I drew the rubbery card yesterday. Don’t think there were any new requirements.

I drew it earlier on in the day - so within the past 12 hours.
I’d guess you’ve just been having a good run with the RNG for a while, and then the RNG luck has started to run dry.

When I see the card again, I’ll try to keep an eye on its requirements/frequency, but I don’t think anything’s changed.

I think that you’ve had an incredibly good run of luck if you’ve been drawing the card every other day.

I think that I see this card at most 1-2 times a week (with very active card flipping).

The RNG gives and the RNG takes away…

As for using Favourable Circumstances to force the card - as suinicide wrote, this is a new faction card. Perhaps they just forgot to add it as an option. I’ll send them a note.

I see it every 2-3 days, dov. It’s pretty reliable that I’ll average one favor a day or better over a week, between this and the &quotA polite invitation&quot cycle.

Of course, I’m currently a pretty dedicated player, I do all my work near a laptop, and my summer sleep schedule is unusual in a way that results in less cards wasted by sleep than before, so I’m probably going through at least 50 cards an average day at the moment. 70 actually sounds more likely.

That said, OP: you shouldn’t be worried about it being gone until you’ve drawn ~200 cards minimum. Bad luck, assuming a deck of 100 effective standard cards, will mean you’d still miss it 13.x% of the time with 200 draws. I’d say, if you think you’ve got ~100 cards in your deck, you can’t be sure there’s anything wrong until your 400th draw without it.

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Got it, thanks for the quick responses. I’ll just keep drawing cards and hope RNG smiles on me one more time. Though with the strange card bug that’s going on right now it might be a while.

An update:

I’ve sent FBG a support email on this and got a response that they’ve indeed just added a new option to force draw the new Rubbery Men card using Favourable Circumstances!