Six-card Lodgings?

So, I’ve been flipping cards from my deck, and suddenly my 5-card Lodging hand switched to 6 cards:

Weird. (notice also the &quotno draw &quotlimit&quot message on the card deck).

I’ve refreshed the page and, sadly, it was gone :-(

After refreshing, only the first 5 most recent cards remained. The &quotoldest&quot card (the bottom right Sardonic Music-Hall Singer card) disappeared from my hand.


Even weirder. I’ve waited for new cards to be added to the deck, but couldn’t click on them. I’ve discarded a card from my hand, clicked on the deck, and suddenly the “lost” Music Hall singer card re-appeared in my hand as the last card (basically, the “oldest” 5 cards of the 6 cards shown above now appeared).

I hope this is a preview of an upcoming 6-card Lodging option. It’s very visually appealing.

An interesting development, I would not have thought the developers would be experimenting with the game’s engine at this stage but perhaps they have something in mind for future content involving bigger houses. What evil pact with a Cthulhu-esque monstrosity we would have to make for such divine real estate option is beyond my ken to imagine.

Are you by chance an &quotExceptional Friend&quot with the Bazaar? That might explain this oddity to some extent. I certainly have seen no such occurrence, although such things are not unknown.

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Indeed, I am an Exceptional Friend.
Why do you think that this might explain this oddity?

I very, very briefly had something similar yesterday - although I had no cards in my deck there were six slots instead of the usual five. Only lasted for a very short period of time though, then back to normal.

I saw this very briefly yesterday as well. Six Card lodgings would be good but I can’t imagine there ever being no draw limit on the deck. Maybe that is a developer thing that escaped briefly.

Yeah, the “no draw limit” must be a developer only thing.

[color=#009900]All will become clear in September’s Exceptional Story, if not before. (There are no six-card Lodgings coming, though, I’m afraid.)[/color]

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Perhaps it’s related to the deck-based content gauntlets (Heists, Pickpocket’s Promenade, etc.)?